12 October 2010

Remakes Everywhere Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Children of Internet browsing ages.... ( actually, leave the children at home )  I bring you part two of my thoughts on the list of 50 Movies Being Remade.  Here's the link, should you need it again.

50 Upcoming Remakes

Also, here is a refresher on my abbreviations:
NN - Not Needed
NS - Never Saw the original
NP - Make it Now Please

Dear readers, we now join this list already in progress (Its like watching 60 Minutes when there's Sunday afternoon football)
14. Creature From The Black Lagoon - NS.  This COULD be interesting.  The remade Wolfman was not bad, but not good.  I'll probably watch this, but probably not the original.

15. The Crow - NS.  I sense a great disturbance in the Force should this be remade.  I've know people who loved this film, and almost none who hated it.  Never having seen it, I do know that this is one of those massively popular films.  I sense great upheaval should this be remade badly.

16. Death Note - NS.  Its a Japanese horror film.  Which means millions will watch it and hundreds and thousands will hate it because its noting like the original.  (I'm looking at you Ringo, Ring, Creepy kid crawling out of the TV, whatever the hell its called (NS that one either))

17. Death Wish - NS/NN/SP.  Kinda torn on this one.  Can't offer any opinions on the original, cause I've never seen it.  But I've heard its a classic.  Not needed in that Sly Stallone is attached, and seems a bit too old for the part.  Now please in that Sly Stallone is attached, and he can whup some ass.

18. The Howling - NS.

I'm gonna leave this one short.  Number 19 is Judge Dredd, and I sense an even greater disturbance in the Force on this one.  Master Yoda recommends I proceed with caution.

That, and Leanda made pie!

EDIT:  Came across this from Ain't It Cool News, fits in with number 14.
What could this be?

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  1. they are re-making deathwish? I love those movies! Charles Bronson was awsome!