10 October 2010

Remakes Everywhere Part 1

50 Upcoming Movie Remakes

Greetings denizens of the interwebs.  Tis I your favorite unknown blogger here to share some thoughts on the above linked list of 50 movies that are going to be remade.  Its a big list, so I'm going to break my thoughts into several parts.  This first part covers the first 13 movies on the list.

First some thoughts on remakes.

I don't mind them.  Really, I don't.  I think if the original failed in some way, or could benefit from the current movie tech, then by all means remake a movie.  But, don't let the remake be worse than the original....then you've just wasted my time.


NN - Not Needed
NS - Never Saw the original
NP - Make it Now Please

  1. Red Dawn - NN.  This movie is barely a classic.  Do I own it? Yes.  Do I enjoy it? Yes.  But I don't think it needs to be remade.
  2. The Tourist - NS.  Jack Sparrow is attached.  Might be nice to see him playing Johhny Depp in a film starring Johnny Depp
  3. True Grit - NS.  Want to see the remake.  Want to see the original.  In that order?  Not sure.  There are alot of classic westerns that I think could do with an update.  Today's westerns tend to be grittier and more true to life that the westerns of the 50s-early 70s.  But can Jeff Bridges channel The Duke?  I think yes.
  4. Footloose - NS/NN  *Sigh*  I thought they re-made it already and called it High School musical 5000, or whatever number they're up to.
  5. The Thing - NS.  Not much to say here.  Probably not needed.
  6. Child's Play - NN.  Really Hollywood?
  7. Straw Dogs - NS.
  8. Fright Night - NS.
  9. The Three Musketeers - NP!!!  This is one of those source materials that can always be redone.  Dumas was so damn verbose, you can take many interpretations from his writing.  But if you are going to re-do Musketeers, lets re-do Man In The Iron Mask too.
  10. Arthur - NS
  11. Battle Royale - NS
  12. Commando - NS/NN.  Lets leave the cheesy 80s action movies where they belong.  I don't think this will update well
  13. Connan - NS/NN.  Please reference #12.

1 comment:

  1. They're going to remake Child's Play?? Ugh I can only imagine the gore fest that will be. What happened to actual scary movies without vast amounts of blood? It's just a little too much now.

    I so agree with The Three Musketeers! Fantastic story, with many angles to portray. I hope they stop and think about it though, because it would be a shame to just go at it Hollywood style. It would also be interesting to see an Iron Mask remake, especially because I hate that I now think of Leonardo Dicaprio when I hear it, and that is just wrong.