21 October 2010

'Professional' quality my ass


Very quick rant here.  I was very fired up about this, but have since cooled off and want to offer some insight and suggestions to Mohegan Sun Arena.

On the 15th of October, I went to see Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie at the Mohegan Sun Arena.  I have a Canon EOS XS Digital Rebel.  Detachable lens?  Yes.  Professional?  Perhaps...

See, just because I have the fancy camera does not mean I am going to take shots of any decent quality.  I had a short lens (18mm-55mm), seats in the upper level, and the lighting issues that you always have at a concert.  So really, the pics would have sucked.

I have two issues:

1.  For twenty minutes prior to going into the venue itself, their security stared at me with the camera around my neck.  At one point I even went up to them to ask about the camera, but after staring at me, and not engaging me in conversation I thought I was in the clear

2. Their policy.  Here are the two pursuant parts of their policy:
                              Professional quality camera equipment

                 Cameras in general:

                       Cameras - As a house rule, disposable cameras are permitted, but may be prohibited based on the request of the performing artist and their management. Call in advance to find out what the camera policy will be during the event. Video and audio recording equipment are prohibited in the Arena at all times.

Where oh where does it specify that a detachable lens constitutes professional?  I saw plenty of camera equipped cell phones taking pictures of the same or similar quality!!  Oh, and BTW Mohegan Sun, did you know many phones can now take video?  That means all cell phones should be checked and and placed in coat check (which is not for coats BTW, but professional cameras and bulky items).  I'm just saying.

So instead of an AWESOME shot of Mr. Cooper playing (Zombie seemed to phone his performance it) all I have to show for it are these:


  1. I sympathize with you but man this made me laugh! Very nice touch, trying to suggest that they take everyone's cell phones. lol

    Those cups are almost as good as a picture. And hey, maybe he just saw the awesomeness that you present with that camera.

    In all seriousness though, I really don't see what the issue would have been. It's not like you walked in with lighting equipment and business cards to hawk the photos after the show. The guy was really just a jerk, and he probably just doesn't like Alice Cooper.

  2. Hey, I try to bring the funny to the un-funny.