20 January 2014

How to post video from iPhone to You Tube to Blogger

So it was asked of me recently how to get a video from an iPhone to a blog here on Blogger.  I figure this was the best way to share how I figured it out.

1. Sign up for a YouTube account if you don't have one.
2. Using your iPhone, upload video to YouTube.
3. When asked for privacy settings, make sure it is public or unlisted.  This may work with private, but unlisted mentions being able to let others who have the link so that may be the best.  And it will still be private in that only people with a link to it can see it... or if you post it to a blog!
4. Click the add video button here on blogger.  Its that black one next to the picture.
5. Choose 'My You Tube videos'
6. As long as your video has been uploaded to YouTube successfully, it should be there in the list.
7. Select your video, then hit the blue 'add selected' button at the bottom
8. Voila! Your video should be now in your blog... like the one of my laptop below.

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