13 January 2014

Doctor Who: The Movie (1996)

To the Summary!
The Eight Doctor comes to be in 1990s San Francisco where he must battle The Master for control of the TARDIS.

To the Cast!
Paul McGann - The Doctor
Sylvester McCoy - The Doctor
Daphne Ashbrook - Grace Holloway
Yee Jee Tso - Chang Lee
Eric Roberts - The Master

To the Deeper Thoughts!
As part of my continuing quest to absorb as much Doctor Who as possible, I decided to take a quick adventure with the Eighth incarnation.

And may I start by lamenting how sad it is we never got to see more of this incarnation.  Now, I'm no expert on the Doctor by a long shot, but I think Paul McGann was slighted a bit in only getting one shot at the Doctor.

(I know he's done audio stuff, but I'm focusing mostly on the television stuff)

In short, I really liked this entry into the Doctor Who universe.  I've heard hard core fans have issue with it, but being that I came into this fairly new to Who, I really didn't have any issues with it.

If you're looking for a quick classic Who adventure, then look no further.  Its very 90s, but lets not hold that against it.

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