09 June 2013

Training Log - Week of 2 JUN 13

2 JUN 13

Biking - Rocked a 7 mile-ish ride this morning.  Had a great pace, and my knee bothered me not.

3 JUN 13

ABD - Fist day of month three.  Thighs bugged me a bit, but nothing I couldn't push through.  Reviewed the first part of our Muay Thai, straight knife defense and underhand knife defense.

6 JUN 13

ABD - Second day of month three.  Felt great throughout.  Did some sparring, which is always a blast. Ended the class with 10 punch outs/1 sprawl, 10 punch outs/2 sprawls, all the way up to 10 sprawls.  That sucked, but in a good way.

8 JUN 13

Running - 4 miles in 45 minutes.  I'll take it.  Knee pain?  What knee pain?

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