19 May 2013

Training Log - Week of 12 MAY 13

12 MAY 13

Running - 2.5ish miles in a half hour.  Felt good; I think I'm on track to get that 5 miles in an hour goal.

13 MAY 13

ABD - Last part of the material for this cycle.  The post run day thigh soreness struck again.  But, hey, at least its not shin splints...

16 MAY 13

ABD - Final day of new material before Month 2 stripe test and belt test.  Felt good with everything.  Looking forward to the testing.

Biking - Went for a bike ride today after class.  Went well.  Rode for about a half hour.  Could have gone longer, but did not want to push it.

Weight Loss
Weight: 172.8 lbs (-8.4)
Body Fat %: 16.3% (-1.9%)

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