24 May 2013

The Thing (1982)

To the Summary!
In the desolation that is the Antarctic, an American research team falls victim to an alien life form.

To the Cast!
Kurt Russell - MacReady
Wilford Brimley - Blair
Keith David - Childs
Donald Moffat - Garry
Richard Masur - Clark
David Clennon - Palmer
Charles Hallahan - Norris
Joel Polis - Fuchs
T.K. Carter - Nauls
Richard Dysart - Cooper
Thomas G. Waites - Windows
Peter Maloney - Bennings
Norbert Weisser - Norwegian
Larry J. Franco - Norwegian Passenger with Rifle

To the Deeper Thoughts!
Well, the summary pretty much covers the whole movie.  One quiet day, a helicopter carrying some Norwegian's is seen chasing down a dog.  The helicopter lands, peoples get shot, and the dog is rescued by the American team.

And then all hell breaks loose.

Turns out the dog is a carrier for an alien being that can imitate its victims perfectly, making it hard to identify just whom has been replaced.

No spoiler here.  Everyone dies.  None well.  Shootings, roastings, being eaten by said alien, and freezing to death are all employed here as means to dispatch the American crew.

I liked this.  The effects, while dated, were still pretty awesome.  Absolutely worth a watch.

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