28 April 2013

Training Log - Week of 21 APR 13

22 APR 13

ABD - Reviewed our first two knife defenses of the cycle.  Reviewed the first part of our Muay Thai combo.  That's right kids, our first strip test is already next week!  Huzzah!  Also worked on the Muay Thai basic of a round kick.  Got complimented for my form.

BJJ - Worked on a few sweeps from butterfly guard.

25 APR 13

ABD - More review for stripe testing.  Had a really great class.  By really great class, I mean that I got thrown around by my training partner M. Park.  It was awesome.  Then we worked Muay Thai forms, sparred and generally had a great class.  Both of us had great technique, so we really had to work to find a reason to hand out a burpee.

BJJ - Skipped because reasons.

27 APR 13
Went for a short hike with Owen at Bluff Point State Park.

Weight Loss
Weight: 180.2 lbs (-4 lbs)
Body Fat %: 17.3% (-.2%)

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