23 April 2013

Training Log - Week of 14 APR 13

14 APR 13

Went for my first run of the season today.  2.6 miles in 30 minutes.  Not bad.  Only complaint is that my thighs hurt more than I was expecting.

15 APR 13

ABD - Week two of month one.  Second part of new material this week.  Felt fine up until my thighs really kicked into high, painful gar towards the end.

BJJ - Ya.  Really tough class due to thighs.  We worked an elbow escape when someone has you in mount. Then we worked another escape from your opponents guard.  It involved a lot of thighs.  Good move, but man did it suck with the condition of my thighs.  Glad I've got nothing until Thursday.

18 APR 13

ABD - More of the same from Monday night.  Today we did sparring, working on teep defense.  Had some great drills where our partner was directed to make us do burpees if our technique faltered.  I had to do some, but my sparring partner told me he had to really get picky to find issues.  So, that felt nice.

My thighs however...  fine up until the end of class.  Then they kicked in HARD.  Le ouch.

BJJ - Passed on class today because of thighs.  Knowing what we were to be working on, I chose to listen to my body and take it easy.  Which sucks, because I really wanted to stay.  But better to rest than to really hurt myself.

Weight Loss
Weight: 184.2 (-1.2)
Body Fat %: 17.5% (-1.8%)

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