09 December 2012

Training Log - Week of 2 DEC 12

3 DEC 12 - Abs week, month three.  What this means is pain.

4 DEC 12 - Did a double class tonight.  It was no picnic, but I got through it.  My sparring partner and I pretty much killed a tombstone.  Oh, and he complimented me on my kicks, which was pretty nice.

5 DEC 12 - BJJ seminar with 7th degree black belt Marcio Stambowsky.

Master Stambowsky is the guy standing up.  I'm the one in white.
I learned a lot at his seminar.  Can't say I remember it all, to be honest.  At least not in detail.  I remember bits and pieces of what was taught.  I do remember that it was all pretty cool stuff, especially something called the helicopter choke.

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