11 December 2012

Trailer Review!

So a couple of trailers have hit the internet over the last couple of days.  Perhaps you have heard of some of these properties?  Star Trek? Superman?  Lone Ranger?

Star Trek Into Darkness

There has been much wailing and nashing of teeth over this one.  Who is the villain?   What's the plot?  Enterprise under water???  Well, some of those questions have been answered.  Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus, Benedict Cumberbatch is playing John Harrison and Peter Weller is playing... we don't know yet.  I've read some speculation that Peter Weller's character could be a bigger deal than it is being made out to be.  People still think that Cumberbatch is Khan.  But his name is John?  (John/Kahn... roll that on your tongue for a bit.)  Plus, the whole Miranda Tate issue from TDKR has been mentioned as well.

I'm going to see it.  It look like it should be pretty good, probably awesome.

PS - Enterprise underwater?  As far as I care, if it can survive space, it can survive the ocean.

Man of Steel

I just..  I...  I have no words for this trailer.  Based on the trailer, I'm almost more excited for this than I am Star Trek.  I liked Superman Returns, and I really enjoyed the two Christoper Reeve Superman movies.  But this... this I think will surpass them all.

Lone Ranger

This looks good.  I know almost nothing about the Lone Ranger.  Johnny Depp seems to be playing somebody else other than Jack Sparrow, which is nice.  Seems kinda dark as well.

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