22 July 2012

Training Log - Week of 15 JUL 12

16 JUL 12 - Yay for more new material!  More ground defense in Krav Maga.  For Muay Thai, the next chunk of our form for the cycle.  Felt good tonight, with one exception during a conditioning drill.  Could not get my kicks right.  Side note: medicine balls suck.  BJJ was awesome.  Worked butterfly sweeps, which I felt really strong about, at least during drilling.  Sparring was a different matter of course.  But, I did manage to land a foot lock on my instructor.  Apparently I set it up with a somewhat advanced move.  Well, it was a great class either way, and as always I learned alot.

19 JUL 12 - Great class tonight.  Felt really good throughout, even with the medicine balls.  Also, sparred tonight.  Good as always.  Need to work on my left hook.

Not much more this week, unless you count walking around Sesame Place.

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