07 July 2012

Training Log - Week of 1 JUL 12

2 JUL 12 - While the regular instructors were on vacation, we had guest instructors in the form of senior student.s  The Krav/Muay Thai class was led by a 2nd degree black belt.  Nothing too crazy.  Started with a warm up, then went into a crazy obstacle course.  Fun fact:  I learned tonight that I can do a forward roll after jumping over a stack of pads as high as my chest.

A stack of these
BJJ was also guest led.  Just covered basic stuff.  I rolled with a gentleman with the nickname of Old Dirty (brown belt) and Sensei McShane showed up and I rolled with him as well.  Plus a slew of students my own...level.  It was good.  Learned a lot.  Best part was when I was being taken once again to Arm Bar City by Old Dirty, and Sensei McShane tells me to 'not let him do that'.  Right, easier said then done.  But, it was all learning.

4 JUL 12 - Went for a run after eating way too much.  About 45 min.  Felt pretty good.  No complaints.

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