11 September 2011

Epic Vacation Part 2 - The Cruise

So once we arrived in Tampa and boarded the ship, our adventure was on!  The first day was a relaxing day at sea, spent exploring our ship the Carnival Legend.

Not much happened, but that brought us to..

Yup, this is the place
We did not do a lot here other than walk around and look at all the shops.  If you want good quality jewelry for a good price, this is the place to go.  We had lunch at Senor Frogs, but what happens at Senor Frogs, stays at Senor Frogs.

Sign outside the port

Altun Ha
This fulfills the #33 on my list, Visit another country with a family member.  I technically did it with three, but Leanda and my sister went off on their own to do some crazy zip line.  While they were off doing that, my brother-in-law and I took a tour of Belize City, and a tour of the Mayan ruins at Altun Ha.

Look kids, its Doc Brown

And here endith the talk for today.  Cozumel was what I remember of it from the first time I went.  Lost of shopping.  Belize was beautiful.  A young country that is fiercely proud of its history and heritage.  The ruins were amazing and almost overwhelming with their age.  I would like to revisit each country again in the future. 

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