21 September 2011

2011 TV Season - The Returning Shows

Along with new shows, here is a quick rundown on the shows that are returning for another (or in some cases) final season.

Archer - an animated show on FX, it tells the tale of Sterling Archer, the best agent of ISIS.  Its over the top and pokes fun at the spy genre.

Hawaii Five-O - A reboot of the 60's television show of the same name, this follows the adventures of Garrett and Dan-o Williams.  A bit on the gritty side, it also has a good does of humor coming from Scott Caan (Williams).  Check it on CBS.

The Big Bang Theory - A comedy for geeks and non-geeks alike, this show is entering its fifth season this Thursday.  A telling indicator of how good it is, is that my wife quite enjoys it as well.  Its a show for everybody.

Fringe - Lets all take a moment to thank the TV gods that FOX has managed to keep this on the air.  I mean, its Sci-Fi on FOX, so it should have been canceled LONG ago.  Given the way the last season ended, I don't recommend jumping in at the start of this season, but do pick it up on DVD.

Chuck - Entering its fifth and final season, the perennial fan favorite has made it this long.  Long on the bubble to be cancelled, it always made it through.  Another geek TV staple, it tells the adventures of Chuck (who has a computer in his head (that's the short version)), his new wife (spoiler) Sarah (CIA super spy) and their crew as they take down big bad's like Timothy Dalton!  Who knows what their last season will bring.

House.  Sigh.  So good for so long, and yet recently has not been all that good.  Returning for its 8th ( and probably final ) season, I'll watch.  Even though its faltered, I'm hoping it can go out on a high note.

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