12 December 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)

I went into this movie fully expecting it to be a raging pile of meh, and I was not disappointed.  Actually, that's not fair.  As long as Michael Cera wasn't speaking the movie was great.  I found that during any scenes where Mr. Cera was speaking, I grew very annoyed with the movie.  He has a VERY limited range, and I understand that's what he's good at, but some emotion from time to time would be GREAT!

Overall, the movie was really enjoyable.  I liked the sight gags (phones that say 'ring', the video game style fights).  Tom Cruise* Brandon Routh was well cast, as was Chris Evans, two of my favorite superhero actors.  The suprise appearance by Frank Castle Thomas Jane was very enjoyable as well.

I've never read the comics, so I can't speak to accuracy of the film.  For the kind of film it was, it had very few things that took me out of the movies.  Even the battles with the Evil Ex's were believable.  As I said in the beginning, I went into this movie expecting it to be a raging pile of meh, but now it takes a place as a Favorite Film of 2010 (there might be a list of these soon).

I give it 13.25/15.75 used video game cartridges.

*Since watching Brandon Routh in 'Chuck' I am fully convinced he is some sort of Tom Cruise clone or love child of Mr. Cruise's.  If they should ever want to do a 'Top Gun' reboot (please don't do that) I vote Mr. Routh to play Maverick.


  1. I just happened to watch this movie last week as well and also did not expect to be impressed. However the video game game style fights and overall superficial entertainment factor won me over. This is a fun movie, it won't change your life but it will be entertaining.

  2. I can't understand why everyone I know is starting to see this movie and saying they didn't expect it to be good. What made everyone think it wasn't going to be good? I would really like to know. Was it bad marketing? The first time I heard about this movie I was excited. My jaw hit the floor when I first saw the trailer for the first time. I gladly waited in line for a while at Comic-Con to see the panel and was so thrilled to do so. I really want to know why people didn't think it would be good! First off, it's directed by Edgar Wright, who brilliantly directed Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and the fake Don't trailer in Grindhouse. I love him and his stuff and I don't think I'm alone. Secondly, it's got quite a good cast. I understand Michael Cera is not a good leading man, and I don't normally want to see his stuff, but there were so many other great casting decisions made. Finally, the style of the movie is original. They touch upon geek-friendly themes like comic books, video games and indie music which may have scared off some people, but everyone I know who I believe have similar tastes than me. Please just tell me what made so many other people not want to see this movie oh mighty Lord Zupka!

  3. I'm quite honestly not sure where my expectations about this movie came from; and I expected to like it, but not to the level I did by the end of the movie. After several days thinking about it, I have two ideas:

    1 - Michael Cera
    2 - Ignorance of the source material/marketing of the movie

    I can't remember really seeing any advertisements for the movie, but only heard about it through podcasts and blogs. A lot of what I read/heard never really touched on the visuals of the movie. And it was the visuals that in the end made me really enjoy this movie.

    I think too, that if I had done some more research on the source, I would have had a better idea of what to expect from the movie.

    Micheal Cera though... I liked him in Arrested Development, but everything he's done since has not impressed, so I think I just transferred that over to the entire movie.

    I am glad that I chose to watch this. As I said above, it IS without question one of my favorite movies of 2010.