10 December 2010

Movie and TV News # 2

Well, this is a bit on the old side, but worth talking about regardless.  Once again the rumors of Ghostbusters 3 has started to spread around the internet.  A often rumored, on again, off again project of primarily Dan Aykroyd it looks like GB3 is on again.  In the article included below, Mr. Aykroyd has stated that the casting process has been started.  He states that both Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray have agreed to return to the series.  Interesting.  I guess things have changed since early 2010 when Mr. Murry said he had no real interest in appearing in another movie, or that he would only if they made him a ghost.  So is Mr. Aykroyd saying that Mr. Murray will be in the movie confirmation that Mr. Murray's Dr. Venkmen will be in a spiritual form?  Discuss.

A couple of other points.  Ghostbusters: The Video Game, which came out in 2009 was supposed to be Ghostbusters 3.  Which, as a fan of the game, I enjoyed.  It played well, held true to the movies and was just as fun as watching them.  There were a few points that needed work, but none that took away from the game.

Also, in the link with Mr. Aykroyd's name, the author of that article states that they should proceed with caution when trying to revive a movie series that has been out of the public eye for so long.  Rather predictably the author then pointed to Indy and the Crystal Skull.


There was nothing wrong with IJ4.  Yes, the whole alien bit played a bit false, but its  INDIANA JONES!  So what!  It was a fun movie, and it gave fans like myself a chance to see it on the big screen.  Same thing with when/if they make GB3.  Will hardcore fans partake issue?  Yes.  Will I enjoy the ride no matter what?  Yes.

Dan Aykroyd Confirms Ghostbusters 3 Rumors | Movieline
Billy Murray - Only if they make me a ghost

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