28 December 2010

61* Update

Just a quick update on the adventure that is my list.

On 23 DEC 10, I went up to my Mom's and with my sister went through old stuff in the attic.  As my sister said at one point, it was like Christmas.  Lost of stuff had been wrapped in old paper and plastic, so there was a lot of unwrapping.   While doing this, I found all of the wooden cars that my Dad had made for me when I was young.  Once I get them inside out of my car, I will be taking pics and doing a post on just them.

That's really the big update.  As I write this, I'm watching 'The Deer Hunter' as part of my goal to watch 20 movies off of the AFI 100 years, 100 movies list.

20. Watch 20 films I have not seen from the AFI 100 Years, 100 Movies, 10th Anniversary (0/20)
39. Donate 100,000 grains of free rice on Free Rice (5,960/100,000)
57. Clean out my stuff from my moms attic and do something with it

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