12 August 2012

Training Log - Week of 6 AUG 12

6 AUG 12 - New material in ABD.  Ground defense that is a bit challenging for my flexibility challenged body.  Gonna have to work really hard on that move.  Otherwise, everything felt fine.  Skipped jiu jitsu because of the new tattoo.  Possible skip next week as well, depending on how its healing.

9 AUG 12 - Still having trouble with the ground defense, but I got some good advice on how to execute it better.  Sparred some.  Practiced clinching.  Did ok.  The one thing I really need to work on right now is blocking kicks with my legs instead of my arms or hands.

12 AUG 12  - Walked to downtown Moosup for the VJ Day Parade.  4 ish miles.

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