06 August 2012

Training Log - Week of 30 JUL 12

30 JUL 12 - Stripe test prep.  Muay Thai combination felt good, as did the Krav defenses.  I did 6 chin to floor push ups tonight, which is a new best.  It was almost 7, but my chin did not touch at all, even though it was REALLY close.   Jiu Jitsu was triangle choke tonight.  I need more flexible body parts to execute this well.  Once I get into position, I get it on tight, but its getting there that I need to work on.

2 AUG 12 - Stripe test.  10 push ups.  That's a new personal record right there.  Starting Monday, new material!  Woot!

Got a tattoo... does that count as a workout?

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