09 June 2012

Training Log - Week of 4 JUNE 12

This week was a pretty good week training wise.  Week two of month 3 for Krav/Muay Thai is abs.  Felt like I did pretty good with that.  My forms are ok.  Switching to my left kick still feels awkward.

In BJJ, I rolled with Sensei McShane.  There is a reason he is a Brown Belt.  (In Jiu Jitsu, Brown is one down from Black)  I'd like to say I held my own.  At least he did not get me to tap in 30 seconds...but 45.

I also ran on my tread climber.  It was a bit weird at first because I'm so used to using it in its step/treadmill mode.  Did just fine.

Oh, and pants feel a little looser.  So, even though the scale does not appear to have gone down, I guess I'm losing some weight somewhere.

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