17 June 2012

Training Log - Week of 10 JUN 12

10 June 12 - After four hours of yard work, I went for a run.  Little over 30 minutes, and just over two miles.  Felt great.

11 June 12 - ABD class.  BJJ class.  In BJJ rolled with one guy and neither of us tapped the other.  Rolled with another student, who put my arm in a chicken wing.  That was fun.  Almost got another guy in a leg lock, or foot lock, or some lock, but only got about 95% of it, not knowing what i was doing.  ABD was a little rough as the day before I did yard work which included fighting with a 4' concrete footing.

14 June 12 - Regular ABD class.  Fun as always.

Next week brings stripe test and belt test.  Bring it on!

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