29 June 2012

Hiking Log - Mt. Greylock 24 Jun 12

There's the summit
So it occurred to me that I need to get moving on bagging the three highest peaks in three different states.  Plus, its been since 2009 that I went on a hike.  Realizing that there was a great one in my (relative) back yard, I picked up the Zupka Phone and dialed my good buddy, and writer of New England Outside, Grant.

Me: Prithee good sir; would thou leadest me to the peak of yonder Mt. Greylock?*
Grant: Yes.

So, with the date set, I tossed my overpacked backpack into my car and headed off for the scenic drive to Adams, MA.  Well, scenic once you get off of 91.  I meandered through the back roads of western Mass, arriving at the trail head for the Gould Trail.

Start of the journey
At this point, I would like to offer a few points to the Massachusetts department of outdoor stuff.  Would it kill you to have better trail markings?  To be fair, once we got onto the right trail, the markings were fine.  But, after ending up in a giant field and a false trail, we started on the right trail.

Stay to the right of this tree, cross said bridge and you're fine.
This was a spectacular hike.   A constant 5% up slope for the entire 3 mile summit journey.  Views were not in too much abundance, as we never got above the tree line.

The Trail

Finally we broke upon the summit trail.  It was a bit different than what I was expecting.

A road?

Actually, this summit does have road access as there is a WWII monument at the summit.  The trail continued just on the other side of the road.  Another short jaunt and we arrived, two hours after beginning.

View from the summit; Grant's head

Summit celebration
We rested, drank and feasted.  Then began the trip down via the same trail**.  The return journey was a bit shorter, coming in at 1.5 hours.  But, this time gravity was on our side.

I would absolutely climb this mountain again.  It was a great hike, with some great views at the summit.   The 5% grade made it challenging but not difficult.  There are a variety of trails to the summit, so next time I will choose a different trail and see more of what Greylock has to offer.

*The conversation may not have gone exactly like this
**The Appalachian Trail runs through the summit.


  1. Awesome review sir Zupka, can't wait to hike with you again!

    1. Thank you good sir! I look forward to conquering another summit with you again!