12 November 2012

Training Log - Week of 4 NOV 12

5 NOV 12 - Second week of month two.  More gun defenses to learn.  More parts of our current Muay Thai combination.  Tonight was a really great class, in no small part because of my partner.  One of my friends from high school joined the school a while ago, and tonight I worked with him.  We both pushed each other during the drills.  It was awesome because as we trained we'd claim past offenses (usually made up) from high school.  It was pretty awesome.

8 NOV 12 - Day two of week 2 of month 2.  Refined the stuff learned on Monday.  Had a great BJJ class today as well.  I'm still new, and get tapped out a lot, but instead of getting tapped out every 10 seconds, I would only tap out 2 or 3 times in a two minute round.  Which was kinda cool.  Especially when rolling with my instructor (a brown belt)

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