18 November 2012

Training Log - Week of 11 NOV 12

12 NOV 12
ABD: Ramp up for stripe testing next week.  Two gun defenses plus the second half of our muay thai combination.  Really pushed at the end (drill consisting of punches, groin kicks and sprawls)

BJJ:  Worked on a side mount submission that is taught by Marcio Stambowsky, our head head instructor.  Ends with the paper cutter choke.  And then there was rolling.  Tonight happened to be a HUGE class, so I rolled with what felt like 15 other people.  I had fun.  Got tapped out several times, managed to hold my own others.  Got a good sweep and an almost submission with one guy.  Overall, a good session

13 NOV 12
ABD:  More ramp up for stripe testing.  Felt pretty good, considering how hard I pushed the night before.  As I write this (on the 14th), I'm still feeling the last two days of training, especially in the shoulders.  Ah well, it was still awesome.

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