12 October 2012

The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

To the Summary!
Five college kids head to a remote cabin for a weekend of intense studying and higher learning.  Or they head there for a weekend of drinking and partying.  Either way, nothing is as it seems.

To the Cast!
Kristen Connolly - Dana Polk
Chris Hemsworth - Curt Vaughan
Anna Hutchison - Jules Louden
Fran Kranz - Marty Mikalski
Jesse Williams - Holden McCrea
Richard Jenkins - Gary Sitterson
Bradley Whitford - Steve Hadley
Amy Acker - Wendy Lin
Sigourney Weaver - The Director

To the Deeper Thoughts!
What if you have a horror film where, quite literally, everybody dies?  How does one approach this in a meaningful and believable way?  You create a mythos where the world has been offering sacrifices to the Ancient Ones so they don't rise and take the world over and reshape it in their image.  Obviously you don't use willing sacrifices   You create elaborate scenarios where the intended victims chose the manner of their demise.  Oh, and you try to manipulate the situation so that you can ensure everybody dies.  But watch out for that left hand plot turn, cause it turned everything on its collective head.

I really liked this movie.  I'm not generally a horror film fan, so I almost gave this a pass.  I started hearing good things about it though, and that it had the involvement of Joss Wheddon.  So I gave it a go; and I was glad that I did.

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