19 January 2012

2012 In Music - current obsessions

So, the one think I don't keep up on too well is music.  Mostly because when I am in my car all that there is on the radio is talk shows.  So, little new music exposure.  Which, is a REALLY poor excuse.  One of my un-written resolutions is to expose myself to some new music.  One way I've done this is with iTunes, and the other is with suggestions from friends.  Without further ado, here is what is currently on high rotation on my iPod:

Lana Del Rey - Born to Die - I know, right?  This one even surprised me.  It is absolutely the complete opposite of what I usually like.  I'm really digging it though.  Without a doubt I will be checking out more of her stuff.  I know too that there was a recent griping about her SNL performance.  I did not watch it, but to all the celebs who complained about it I say 'You've never had a bad night?"

Nightwish - Imaginarium - This song is right up my interest ally.  I only know a little bit of their work (Nemo, really) but this song is quite good.  Its loud, its fast and its epic.  Not for everybody, but worth a listen.

Trent Reznor and Karen O - Immigrant Song - This song.  Oh man, this song.  Ever since I heard it on the trailer for 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo', I've been slightly obsessed with this song.  I can't quite put into words why I like it, but I play it at least twice a day.

So, any suggestions?


  1. Listen to our new podast for suggestions, plus next week I'll be posting my best of lists for music in 2011 on my blog.

    1. I actually got a couple from the most recent episode. Can't wait to see the best of lists!