28 December 2011

Green Lantern (2011)

Disclaimer:  I have no prior knowledge of the Green Lantern mythos, other than what I've learned from The Big Bang Theory.

Green Lantern tells the story of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) a test pilot who was selected by the ring of Abin Sur, as Abin Sur lies dying after a run in with Parallax.  Parallax is an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps (its big).  So of course, Earth lies in the path of Parallax, and Hal Jordan is the only one that can stop the destruction of Earth.  Oh, what about the REST OF THE LANTERN CORPS?  Well, apparently humans are young, petulant, etc and they only show up after Hal Jordan kicks the living shit out of Parallax.

I liked it.  Not to the same level as say Iron Man, but I really enjoyed it.  The whole idea of the Green Lantern power (create anything you want with the power of your mind) to me is a bit...easy.  To be able to create anything?  And its as strong as your will?  Eh, seems a bit too much, well the phrase God-like comes to mind.  I also read a review where people were bitching that Jordan at several points creates machine guns.  I say, whats wrong with that?  You can only create what you know, and if that is what you know then so be it.  I especially enjoyed a scene towards the end where he created two F-35s to pull him to safety.

I have a soft spot for superhero movies, and this is no exception.  Its not the greatest, but its not the worse.  I'd suggest it for anybody who likes a decent movie.  I can see if you are a fan of the Green Lantern comics how this might cause you heartburn, but hey, its a movie.


  1. I was a fan of the comic. I didn't hate the movie but I thought it could have been better. But still goof to see this made. I hope the next turn they will be better. I always felt Hal should have been more like Maverick from Top Gun.

  2. Hmm, I can see Hal being more like Maverick. But could we hold the volleyball games? After doing some more research on the comic I can see how they placed the groundwork for maybe the next film to be the war with Sinestro.