14 June 2011

30 Day TV Challenge: Day 30 - Saddest character death

Warning, there do be spoilers ahead.  If you have not seen 24, Stargate: Atlantis, or LOST DO NOT READ FURTHER.

Unless of course you want to be spoiled and are into that kind of thing.

Carson Beckett (SGA) Probably the most pointless death I chose.  The episode 'Sunday' easily one of my faves.  Simple, well shot and well wrote.  Too bad a fan favorite died.

Teri Bauer (24) This was the big shocker to the end of the first season of 24.  This is what drove Jack's hatred towards Nina Meyers.  There was an alternate ending where Teri lived, but it just wasn't the same.

Ryan Chappelle (24)  Chappelle was not a likable character.  However, season 3 saw Chappelle meeting his end.  The villian of the season, Saunders, wanted Chappelle removed. Tricked the President of the US into ordering Chappelle's assassination.  Unable to pull the trigger himself, Chappelle asks Jack to do it.  Most shocking moment on 24.

Charlie (LOST)  Sacrificing himself because he believed it would save Claire.  We all saw how that turned out.  Regardless, when he delivered a message to Desmond his sacrifice meant something more...more questions.

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  1. All very good choices. I never finished 24, and don't remember a lot of the series, but both of those deaths were shocking and stand out in my mind. I just recently experienced Carson's death on Atlantis, which was unfortunate. As for Charlie, that was one of the best and saddest scenes throughout the entire series of Lost. The crazy thing was we all knew he was going to die. Charlie was not the most likable character for a while, but he went out as one of the most loved.